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Chongqing Affordable Housing


The Project

Any place in the world that has unlivable housing conditions the children suffer the most.  China's rural areas are no exception.  Because of the personal experience of some of our members regarding affordable housing, we were asked by the Government of Chongqing, China (The largest provincial municipalities with a population of 30 million) to share our experience with market driven affordable housing, and to discuss the pros and cons of market driven vs. government supported affordable housing.

The experience

The government of Chongqing are extremely concerned for the welfare their poor families. We toured amazing grassroots villages never seen by westerners. We met leaders from several districts in Chongqing including their main port Jiu Long Po and discussed the lives and struggles of these poor villagers. They openly answered all and any questions we ask. These leaders surprised us on how they truly cared for their millions of poor and the condition that their underprivilaged children live in. As much as any developed country. They have serious issues but are dedicated to solving them.

The result

We were able to spread goodwill by connecting with members of the Chinese government and sharing the concern they have for their under-served families and children. It reminded us of what we already know, the face of a country’s government we see in the press doesn’t always reflect the true feelings of all of its people. We left seeing a different perspective of China then we originally had. A clearer grassroots view.




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Heroes Needed in Burma

$500 field medicine for 100
$10,600 Home for 40 children
$20,000 UN Resolution to Save Kids

Why Burma?

Heroes Needed in Vietnam

$375 Orphan Care 360 days
$800 Heart Surgery
$1400 Family Home
Why Vietnam?

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