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We are looking for a few good men and women. Our members have the option to interact as much or as little as they prefer with each project. Members may participate in a variety of ways:

What you can do:

  • Donate Now to Current Projects

  • Link Band of Brothers to your Website

  • Start your own Donor and Travel Team

  • Lead or Help Coordinate Fundraisers

  • Help Manage Website Multimedia Content

  • Help Coordinate and Manage Projects

  •  Help us find other high quality members 

  • Sign up on our email list

  • Assist with member events

How We are Different

  • 100% of Your Money Goes Directly to the Children (Tax Deductible Registered 501c3)

  • Access to pre-screened, high impact grassroots charity projects around the world.

  • Custom Philanthropic Experience

  • Active donors travel to adventurous places and visit projects to see the result of their donation.

  • American Ambassadors Promoting a Compassionate Foreign Policy

  • Opportunity to meet like minded people and share a life adventure.

  • Diverse Religious Backgrounds

  • Camaraderie Between Members Sharing a Mission

  • Take on and Lead a Project 

Suggested Participant Levels


$500 or less every year or some combination of volunteer and donation.



$1000 or more per year (ongoing) or some combination of volunteer and donation.



$3,000 or more per year (on going) and or a cummulitive donation of $10,000 with
volunteer time 


Marketing  Directors:

Commit to a goal of raising $10,000 a year; donate time; support general fund with a minimum of $1,000 per year; commit to funding and promoting Band of Brothers on an ongoing basis.


Project Director:

Take on coordinating a particular project. Build a network of supporters at your
company or from your network. Take ownership in the project.


Requirements to Advertise Company On Band of Brothers Website:

Verifiably outstanding service, member standing 3 years, cost $1000 per year, Required to donate 10% of any referred business to Band of Brothers Foundation in busines and service users name.


Administrative Director:

Donate time keeping Band of Brothers running smoothly. Donate some monthly amount.


Band of Brothers Ideal Donor/Member

  • Interested in camaraderie derived from a humanitarian focus inclusive of all religious beliefs.

  • Desire to positively impact the world and experience adventure through travel
    and exposure to different cultures worldwide.

  • Holds a solid reputation in their industry and with their peers.

  • Honest,open minded and family,friend orientated

  • Willingness to share ideas and be part of a team





High Impact Living

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How We Are Different

  • Membership Philanthropic Club
  • Shared Missions & Camaraderie
  • Access to Grass Roots Projects
  • Travel to Adventurous Places
  • Promote a New Foreign Policy
  • Inclusive of All Religions

Heroes Needed in Burma

$500 field medicine for 100
$10,600 Home for 40 children
$20,000 UN Resolution to Save Kids

Why Burma?

Heroes Needed in Vietnam

$375 Orphan Care 360 days
$800 Heart Surgery
$1400 Family Home
Why Vietnam?

What You Can Do

  • Donate to Current Projects
  • Forward Website to Your Friends
  • Link  to Us with Our Banner Ad
  • Start Your Own Donor and Travel Team
  • Lead and Help Coordinate Fundraisers
  • Refer Donors and Members
  • Help Manage Website Multimedia
  • Help Coordinate and Manage Projects
  • Sign Up On Our Email List