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Why is the organization called "Band of Brothers"?


The name was inspired by the 101st Airborne troopers, referred to as a "band of brothers" because of their camaraderie, unwavering focus on missions, and teamwork during WWII. The men hailed from a variety of different backgrounds, political parties, religions, and professions—representing accountants, lawyers, artists, musicians, writers, athletes, scientists, mathematicians, architects, and builders.



How We Are Different

  • Membership Philanthropic Club
  • Shared Missions & Camaraderie
  • Access to Grass Roots Projects
  • Travel to Adventurous Places
  • Promote a New Foreign Policy
  • Inclusive of All Religions

Heroes Needed in Burma

$500 field medicine for 100
$10,600 Home for 40 children
$20,000 UN Resolution to Save Kids

Why Burma?

Heroes Needed in Vietnam

$375 Orphan Care 360 days
$800 Heart Surgery
$1400 Family Home
Why Vietnam?

What You Can Do

  • Donate to Current Projects
  • Forward Website to Your Friends
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  • Start Your Own Donor and Travel Team
  • Lead and Help Coordinate Fundraisers
  • Refer Donors and Members
  • Help Manage Website Multimedia
  • Help Coordinate and Manage Projects
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