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What We Do


Make grassroots philanthropy meaningful, adventurous and a connecting world force.

We are committed to being a champion to the world’s forgotten children. We believe achieving success is meaningless unless you use this success to do something that benefits more than just yourself. There is no better investment that moves you from success to significance than saving or dramatically improving the lives of children. Join us to build a legacy of being heroes for children.


We take on projects in developing countries that immerse us in unique world cultures and expand our personal and geographic boundaries. We provide interesting and interactive philanthropy usually available only to the very connected and wealthy. Our active donor/members have the option to travel with friends and family to see the children they support.

Join forces and experience the camaraderie of a shared mission and the feeling of purpose that comes with making investments in something that really matters. Be part of building an exclusive community platform that gives members access to interesting grassroots projects.




"I donate to the Band of Brothers because I know that helping children and adults in other parts of the world will create Allies and make our country safer for my own children."

Kelly Gallacher

Fun Events and Activities

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How We Are Different

  • Membership Philanthropic Club
  • Shared Missions & Camaraderie
  • Access to Grass Roots Projects
  • Travel to Adventurous Places
  • Promote a New Foreign Policy
  • Inclusive of All Religions

Heroes Needed in Burma

$500 field medicine for 100
$10,600 Home for 40 children
$20,000 UN Resolution to Save Kids

Why Burma?

Heroes Needed in Vietnam

$375 Orphan Care 360 days
$800 Heart Surgery
$1400 Family Home
Why Vietnam?

What You Can Do

  • Donate to Current Projects
  • Forward Website to Your Friends
  • Link  to Us with Our Banner Ad
  • Start Your Own Donor and Travel Team
  • Lead and Help Coordinate Fundraisers
  • Refer Donors and Members
  • Help Manage Website Multimedia
  • Help Coordinate and Manage Projects
  • Sign Up On Our Email List