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Comfort Blankets

Submitted by Troy Mikulka on March 6, 2012 10:22 pm

1BAND OF BROTHERS FOUNDATION: Comforting Children with Heart Conditions in CA

Band of Brothers Foundation supporter Dana Snyder is working with a group of local women who are personally “hand-making” comfort blankets for children’s hospitals in California.  So far, over 140 blankets have been delivered specifically to the children in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at the Children’s Hospital in Orange County (CHOC).

These “hand-made” comfort blankets help to provide children and their families with courage and emotional strength to endure their hospital stays.  Some of these children will endure open heart surgeries multiple times in the first years of their lives starting within just a few months of birth. These children and their families find strength in knowing that people in the local community care about them enough to personally “hand-make” blankets especially for them during their time of crisis and isolation.  Some of them will take these blankets home from the hospital as a source of strength to continue their battle with heart disease.

This project is near and dear to Dana and her husband Eric (Co-Founder of Band of Brothers Foundation) whose daughter passed away after spending 3 weeks in two separate children’s hospitals in California.  Their daughter Kapri received one of these comfort blankets from a wonderful lady named Cheryl King who has been the inspiration for this project.  Dana is involved in hand making these comfort blankets in her daughter Kapri’s honor.

This simple comfort blanket positively impacts children and their families in ways that are hard to explain…especially when their circumstances create a feeling of fear, uncertainty, and isolation.  This is a photo of a child who has endured two open heart surgeries.  He received one of our blankets and it has continued to comfort him and his family. The Band of Brothers Foundation continues with our mission of improving the lives of children and hopes to expand this blanket program to children’s hospitals throughout the United States and the world.

Thank you for your donations which have made this project possible and please know that 100% of your donations go to purchasing the fabric necessary to make the blankets.  As with all of the Band of Brothers projects, all of those involved in making the blankets are donating 100% of their time.

We want to say a special thank you to Laura Sherlock who is helping to make blankets for Children’s Hospital Orange County and to Kelli Pearce who supports this project within CHOC.

Troy Mikulka

Founder of and 




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