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The Journey of an Abandoned Child

Submitted by Troy Mikulka on December 15, 2011 8:13 pm

How internet donations helped change the life of a special girl

Last Year a 10 year old girl named Dar (Da) was abandoned in the streets of Thailand. Why was this very happy, warm, loving girl who had incredible energy left out on the street alone?

Dar, now 10, is now a happy cared for child. Here is her story, which is also the story of how your internet donations helped save her life.


Dar’s Story

Dar’s father died when she was 2 years old, before she was old enough to develop memories of him. She lived a normal but hard life with her single mother until she was 6. She became very sick and needed to see a doctor.

Her mother took her, but the doctor treated her with dirty needles. Soon after the visit, Dar developed nerve damage and a condition known as spasticity that paralyzed her left foot and hand. Dar’s condition was difficult for her mother to manage and Dar soon started missing school and falling behind her peers.

When Dar turned 10 years old her mother remarried and the new husband wanted nothing to with a disabled girl and so the mother abandoned Dar on the street.

She was found by our caretakers just days before our visit last year to Chiang Mai after being abandoned by her mother and step-father who moved back to Burma.

How you helped

Last year, your donations changed the trajectory of little Dar’s life. She entered the children’s home that we support and she was quickly treated with physical therapy. After almost a year at the home she is now able to use her hand and foot.

Your donations helped buy her shoes that provide extra support and comfort for her injured foot. Dar now goes to school regularly and will be tutored each day so she can catch up to students in her own age group.

She is participating in helping with the younger children and is very excited about helping with the farm. She has a safe happy home and she is able to play with the other children. While Dar may have a bumpy road to completely stabilize her physical and emotional well-being, our Self Sustainable Development Program will be there to help to coach her and empower her to take charge of her own success.

Troy Mikulka

Founder of and 




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