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Raising Homes and Hope on Molocaboc Island

Submitted by Troy Mikulka on October 22, 2014 8:21 pm

Goal: build 100 homes for school children
It’s been almost 7 months since typhoon Haiyan devastated much of the Philippines and there is still so much to do in the way of cleanup and rebuilding. On the island of Molocaboc, Band of Brothers Foundation sponsors 900 school children and, since the typhoon, has been instrumental in helping the children’s families and 100s of other families rebuild their homes and lives.

Within 4 days of the typhoon hitting the island, we started supplying emergency food and water for 45 days. Shortly after that we delivered 900 stuffed animals to the children on Christmas Eve, and then followed that with many island rebuilding projects to help families including building homes for our most needy. Our goal was to rebuild stronger homes that would be better able to stand up against the sometimes harsh and tropical weather.

Band of Brothers Foundation

Band of Brothers Foundation


The houses won’t be exactly pretty, but because of the concrete posts, they will be much stronger.  In fact, the posts and roof we help to build will be the only real assets most of these families have ever had.  Band of Brothers supplies the post and roof materials and the family and friends rebuild the homes. The homes are not entirely free to the families. In lieu of paying for the home, the families are given the home with the condition that they “pay forward” by participating in projects that will help others in their community.

Meet the Pahayahay Family
Edu and Maribel Pahayahay live on the island of Molocaboc with their two little children. All Edu and Maribel ever dreamed of was to be able to provide for their children and see them educated. And for awhile, their dream was a reality. The family was able to support itself from Edu’s earnings as a fisherman, and Maribel was able to be a fulltime wife and mother, doting on her loved ones happily. Life was good.
But their lives dramatically changed last November when one of the strongest typhoons on record hit the tiny island. What seemed like an ordinary storm grew more intense and left the islanders scrambling for shelter. While Maribel and the children tucked themselves away safely inside Edu’s parents’ house, he was outside trying to tie his home to some trees so it wouldn’t blow away when the wind picked up speed.

Soon the island was enveloped by dark mist and winds that were raging against anything they came in contact with. Despite Maribel’s protestations, Edu stood by his house holding the ropes, making sure the strong winds wouldn’t take his home away. But the storm became too strong, and Edu had no choice but to run for safety to his father’s house where he and his family watched as the rain and winds completely destroyed their home.

The Pahayahay family is just one of the families Band of Brothers is helping to rebuild their home and their dream of a happy and simple life. The organization has a goal of rebuilding 150 homes for families that were affected by Typhoon Hayian.

It costs, on average, $750 to build one of these houses. Band of Brothers is grateful for the generosity so many donors have already shown, but we still need help in raising funds so we can raise more homes and more hope on Molocaboc. Recently it has been decided that we will put a natural surface covering on the outside of the home to retain the natural and beautiful island feel that existed for 100s of years. See our future post on exploring what it would take to grow the island into a sustainable eco-friendly island.
If you are interested in corporate funding contact Troy Mikulka at 949-795-0260. Or, if you would like to contribute online, you may make a donation via




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