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Morales Family: A Family Bound by Love

Submitted by Troy Mikulka on May 27, 2014 6:04 pm

The Morales family is what you may call a typical Filipino living in a fishing village. The father, Mr. Benith Morales, a hardworking fisherman, and his very cheerful wife Maricris are perfect partners. The try so hard to provide the needs of their 3 daughters and son in one of Molocaboc Island’s sub villages.

Band of Brothers Foundation

Theirs is a simple family which roots on their strong belief in God. With father Benith’s daily catch and mother Maricris handcrafted shell decors, the family can survive on a daily basis. Life in an island is really so hard. You have to make the most of what you have. No fish catch means no food for the family. And this happens especially in inclement weather. As such, mother Maricris and eldest daughter Marnith, a Grade VIII student had to go to many places in the mainland to sell their handmade decors so they can bring back food and extra money for their family. But such tests never dampen the family’s spirit. They continue to live happily and enjoy what little they have. The secret ingredient is love. There’s a just so much love in this family as in most families in the island.

The biggest test in their lives happened when in November 8, 2013, when Super Typhoon Haiyan hit most of the Visayan Region in the Philippines damaging millions of property and killing at nearly 6,000 people especially in the Eastern Visayan region where a massive storm surge occurred. Fortunately for the people of Molocaboc Island, only the homes were lost, not a single life.

Unlike most families who moved to the School that served as evacuation center for displaced families, the Morales family stayed put preferring to stay at the house of mother Maricris’s parents which was closed by. From there, the whole family watched as strong winds, capable of uprooting coconut trees, slowly and violently tearing their house apart. They said it was like watching all their dreams ripped apart that only because the house had great sentimental value but because they knew that putting a house again would be a difficult thing to do. But then again, the family found comfort in the fact that no one got hurt. There is still hope, still plenty of reasons to continue to live.

And such is true, a blessing come albeit thousands of miles away. With the help of the School Principal, the Morales family has availed the rebuilding project of the Band of Brothers Foundation based in California, USA. Troy Mikulka, the founder, has served as a blessing not only to the Morales Family but to other families like them who still dream big dreams whatever catastrophes come their way.

Band of Brothers Foundation

Written by Wingrace Carton, classmate of Marnith Morales

Edited by; Roger Z. Rochar, School Principal




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